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All the activities of the festival are scheduled in the time zone of Berlin, Germany (GMT+1).

19 FEB 3 to 6 pm DEEPEN THE WE by Nico Castellanos & Mihai Chira

The potential of connectedness, of being embedded in an engaged, embodied 'together', can be nearly infinite. Not to mention that so many of us are feeling lonely and forlorn. Community, connection - a 'we' - are in dire need. As we co-evolve, we can play with new, innovative ways of being in touch, in connection, in sync. There can be a Slow-Sweat 'we': to meet the other slow "sweaties", to share, to learn, to laugh, to co-create. Shall we 'we'?

Yes, let's we! We bring a proposal for connection, one transversal to the festival. In this practical workshop we will explore two structures which can increase our connectivity toolbox: the circle and the pod. They will be presented, and then we will all pair and group and mix into circles with the other participants. These structures will last at least until the end of the festival, when we will promote the idea of pods for people to take home and apply into their lives, with the support of their circles and our own: an online festival hub will be facilitated for supporting these structures to coalesce into a "we". Book your spot

19 FEB 7 to 10 pm SPACE ODDITY 2021 by Los† Ninjas

Rocio Marano starts with a practice on yawning that acts as a portal to a collective clairvoyant dreaming state. A liminal space between lethargy and arousal is extended in time and intensity through the contagious and pleasurable element of uncensored yawning. From there, the space is empty and ready for a guided somatic trip by Lea Kieffer, with Sci-fi Anatomy: a dialogue between the matter of the body and the sea of our thoughts and imagination where anatomical references slide onto the slippery slope of science fiction with no holding back. Book your spot

20 FEB 3 to 6 pm A BASELINE TEST by Juan Felipe Amaya González & Jan Rozman

A BASELINE TEST is a scored podcast - an artistic collaboration between Jan Rozman and Juan Felipe Amaya González.

It attempts to generate an intimate and sensual yet critical mediated interaction through biological and electronic devices. By using auditive and textual online bio-algorithmic scores, guided neo-ritualistic meditations, and participatory curving of quantic fields, a simultaneity across time zones and continents emerges. Additionally, by implementing touch as a hyper-surveillance data gathering tool, Juan and Jan investigate the potential for fostering enhanced consciousness, digitized intimacies, and embodied proximities in times of physical isolation. Book your spot


Part 1) Consent is key, but oversimplified concepts of it make honest conversations about the messiness of sexual experiences impossible. Insufficiently theorized it hinders establishing safer & meaningful encounters and resembles neoliberal politics: know your desires and manage risks like a CEO. But sex is full of unconscious stuff: feelings, thoughts, somatic states & desires that are only partly accessible.
We'll look for more nuanced approaches - via reading queer theory, discussing, contemplating, sharing personal stories, becoming vulnerable, daring to ask uncomfortable questions, writing and embodiment. Stimulate your brain muscles in a curious, gentle and playful atmosphere.

Part 2) Those methods are the same in part 2: "Proud Prudes", where we'll share our experiences of not having/enjoying sex. If you stress out cause you think something is wrong with you - join us! We'll approach it as a chance for interesting explorations of new sensualities. The radicality of laziness, Bartlebian “I would prefer not to” enjoying being broken, sloppy, unsexy, prude is welcome here.
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We will focus on the fundamentals of working with somatic sexuality. Sexological Bodywork™ invites deep and lasting changes in our sexual expression. It is based on discoveries from somatic education and neurosciences, as well as practices such as Tantra and Taoism. Our proposal is "bottom-up": it begins with initiating processes in the body, to bring forth mind and whole-self changes.
During this mini-workshop we shall start with diving from our 5 senses into sensuality. While keeping track of our feelings and thoughts, we are going to bring forth the question: “What do we want to invite into our sexuality in the next moments?”. From there, experiences will manifest in multiple ways, always inclusive of safety and agency. Book your spot

21 FEB 7 to 10 pm THE JOY OF SEARCHING _ A lecture performance by Julian Weber & Lyllie Rouvière

In “The joy of searching” the intimacy of a mattress becomes a stage for theoretical research colliding with playfulness and sexuality. Researching lives on our current interests -ecology and interspecies relations, we utilize the joy and performative potential of searching, finding and failing, while exposing the process of selecting and decision making. With our electronic devices we move from one hyperlink to another, not knowing exactly where this chain will lead us, jumping between different content-distances, while remaining stationary in bed. We constantly oscillate between mental and physical space and observe how they can infect and affect each other, different activities collide such as sharing and discussing, reading texts and introducing objects, knitting or making love. Book your spot

22 FEB 3 to 6 pm UNDERHAIR VOICES by Deva Schubert & Ailin Formia

We want to invite you to an acoustic post zoom journey. Getting together using our voices that will travel thousands of kilometers, over oceans, mountains, through the Internet's streams. We will dive into our hn bodies with the aim of meeting unknown voices that await in its very depths, and invite them to the surface. We are going to interview parts of ourselves, we might interview our tongues, our skins, or our anuses. You're welcome to dive into unknown sounding. We are touching the internet with warm and wet voices.
Sound infiltrator: Harald Stojan Book your spot

22.02 7 to 10 pm FERMENTATION AND SENSUAL EATING by Anna Natt

In this two part event, we will explore a few ways that food brings us together.
Part 1: Fermentation In this workshop you will learn how to make your own ferments. I will start by talking about the different fermented foods that I like and how to incorporate fermentation into your life, then demonstrate how to make your own sauerkraut and fermented carrots. You can either watch as I do it or follow along and make your own.

Materials: - wide mouth jars - 1 cabbage - carrots - sea salt - bowl - knife or mandolin slicer - cutting board
Part 2: Sensual Eating In Sensual Eating I invite you to set an opulent table with foods and dishes that you love and relish in the joy of eating together. Together we will delve into the pleasure of food, enjoy the taste, texture and smell of the delicacies placed before us and explore table manners as an artistic intervention.
Bring food!
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23 FEB 3 to 6 pm BODY OF ART by Juan Arata

A look into the art history from the perspective of gender and sexuality: How the Venusian and the Marcial energies are depicted in different times and places throughout history -and how this construction affects hn understanding and consequent behaviour patterns- as well as how sexuality appears to be an important aspect of all ancient artistic and architectonic expressions -and how this fundamental aspect of our cultural heritage is condemn by our modern society.
I will share different images chronologically so we can analyse how gender construction through artistic expression happens in history. We will discuss the polarisation of female and male energies and how art would look in a society where these two energies are balanced. We will also discuss the banning of sexuality from our cultural imagery in comparison with ancient art anthropology. Book your spot


The Alexander Technique is a way of learning to move mindfully through life. The Alexander process shines a light on inefficient habits of movement and patterns of accumulated tension, which interferes with our innate ability to move easily and according to how we are designed. It’s a simple yet powerful approach that offers the opportunity to take charge of one’s own learning and healing process, because it’s not a series of passive treatments but an active exploration that changes the way one thinks and responds in activity. It produces a skill set that can be applied in every situation.

In this workshop we will discover how to use the tools of the Alexander Technique.Book your spot

24 FEB 3 to 6 pm MOVING WITH FANTASIES by Ayo Gry & Sara Lina

We invite you to experiment with the infinite flexibility of fantasies. In this workshop we will explore our fantastic capacities and train our inspirational muscles, in order to create excitement within ourselves and our immediate surroundings.
With simple tools and practices we will guide you into your creative being through the body, mind and memory. In a journey through your own space we will explore the private corners of our desires, steering into a collective experience of sharing and indulging colourful fantasies. Book your spot

24 FEB 7 to 8 pm DEEPEN THE WE by Nico Castellanos & Mihai Chira*

Join us to find out how to be in community and meet other festival-goers and learn together to sweat slowly. Book your spot

24 FEB 9.30 to 11 pm ORGASMIC YOGA FOUNDATIONS – A sexological bodywork approach to accessing more pleasure by Ayelet Furman & Deej Juventin

Through an embodied and experiential process, we will explore some foundational sexological bodywork practices that allow you to harness neuroplasticity, and expand your body’s capacity for pleasure.
This is an embodied and experiential group process. We will connect with each other, and share about your experiences. For the felt safety of the group, we need to see your face. You do not need to be naked on screen.
To get the most out of the class, you will need privacy, a great Internet connection, camera and microphone and space to move around in. Book your spot

25 FEB 3 to 6 pm FLUIDIFYING by Liselotte Singer & Dasha Sedova

The session we will offer during SLOW SWEAT will be centered around calling the moon into our home and dwelling in its landscapes.Through methods of deep relaxation, yogic meditation on « Soma », and sensitive scanning of inner and outer spaces we will guide you into connecting to your ease and restorative resources. The practice we will share is tapping into the positive potential of slowing down and passivity, to find ourselves feeling rested yet actively engaged in the body.
For this session, we invite you to find yourself in a room with habitual objects, amongst which a blanket and a blindfold. Book your spot

25 FEB 7 to 10 pm REMEMBER with Andreas Demmel

The moment the egg opens up for the sperm is not only the moment of conception but also the moment of incarnation, the first experience of embodiment for the soul. In my perspective it's also the moment where the karmic/cosmic configuration meets the history and genetic information of the family which forms the ground plan of our life (some call this coding destiny).
In this session I want to invite you to a journey rewinding your life to this moment of incarnation and beyond into your soul essence in order to remember this state as a resource for your individual and our collective challenges ahead. It's an invitation to gather information that might be helpful to see the cracks of light in the current prevalent global darkness.
We will journey in the form of a guided meditation. Please prepare material to write and draw to bring the gifts back from the other realms. Book your spot

26 FEB 3 to 6 pm EMBRACING (FELDENKRAIS METHOD) by Katja Münker

The Feldenkrais Method explores movement through the sensing and sensedbody and suggests learning including non-verbal layers of experience. Constraints play a crucial role in these processes to reveal and vary our strategies and reduce effort in our doing. The pandemic rules set strong constraints to our freedom to hug and embrace others. Can the actual restrictions be used as a frame for learning, and consciousness? We will explore the action of embracing from a functional and from a fully hn perspective. Book your spot

26 FEB 7 to 10 pm THE DANCE OF THE SENSES: SIX PORTALS INTO PLEASURE by Sarah Koenig & Pedro Aybar

Reality is stranger than fiction. And is also fluid. How can we shape and reframe our experience of reality? Approaching our senses in a more conscious and creative way we redefine our perceptions. We reach empowerment through embodiment, pleasure through shifts of attention.
An experience to playfully explore DIY-pleasure, spatial-awareness and soul-nourishment. Discover new meditative ways of connecting to the world and of creating intimacy in times of isolation.
- Candle and a lighter - A few books or something to bring the candle as high as your eyes - A deliciously smelling fruit or other finger food - Optional: A mirror
- If you know and have a Nose-Rinsing Item (Neti), you can do it before the start.
Book your spot

27 FEB 3 to 6 pm DUEIL, mini-workshop by Pauline Payen

What does grief do to (our) bodies, and what can we do with what it does? If we think of grief as a physical state, what kind of energy does it produce? Or if it provokes a pseudo-paralysis, are there still movements perceivable inside of it? Can grief become a force? From the absence of a presence to the presence of its absence, I am particularly interested in the problem of grieving things that are unknown, and will remain unknown. How does this ‘unknownness’ also exist as a form of intimacy, taking space by the negative, a metaphoric ‘black hole’?
Employing somatic methods bridging therapeutic and artistic explorations (such as Feldenkrais method, polyvagal theories, continuous flow) I have been investigating movements of floating, rocking, pressing down and rejecting, as well as the usage of laments, placing the voice at the threshold of singing and sounding.
During the mini workshop I will introduce my research by presenting some examples of artistic work, and talk about what I learned through this process. We will then dive into a physical practice using body and voice, and exchange verbally. Extra attention will be taken in keeping a gentle and careful attitude. Let’s create a safe and brave space together, injecting softness in the hard places. Book your spot

27 FEB 7 to 10 pm SWEAT, S*X + VOGUE by Gerard Reyes

Come get sweaty with me! You’ll learn the five elements of vogue: hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, spins/dips, and floor performance! Choose a more “feminine” (Vogue Fem) or “masculine” (Old Way) expression - or try them both! You’ll also learn about ball culture - how it was created by LGBTQ people of colour in Harlem in the 70s and how it exists now. This will be a beginner class so no dance experience needed! We’ll begin with a short warm up and after class you can stay to dance in a spirit of support. Wear your favourite look but just make sure you can move! Learn what the hype is about, connect to your sensuality, and get the facts about Vogue! Duration: 2 hours + 30 minutes of dancing.
Book your spot

28 FEB 3 to 6 pm SENSUAL JOURNALISM by Kai Evans

If your body were a place, how would you describe it? The sensual landscapes of our bodies are constantly in motion. Sensual Journalism is a somatic poetry workshop in which we will playfully explore the valleys and oceans of our physicality, and deep-dive into our pulsating inner worlds. Through somatic practices and poetry scores, we will immerse ourselves in our inner oceans and loiter luxuriously in the polyphonic waves of experience. An offer to discover writing and creating, a space to feel, connect and share; a space for experimentation, chaos, play, and mischievous child-like being in the everyday jungle.Book your spot

28 FEB 9.30 to 11 pm Being Your Own Best Lover – a sexological bodywork approach to self-pleasuring by Ayelet Furman & Deej Juventin

You have the capacity to give yourself the most exciting and ecstatic experiences you can imagine. The cultural belief that someone else needs to provide this frequently prevents people from accessing mind blowing pleasure, both with themselves and with others. This is an embodied and experiential group process. We will connect with each other, and share about your experiences. For the felt safety of the group, we need to see you face. You do not need to be naked on screen.
To get the most out of the class, you will need privacy, a great Internet connection, camera and microphone and space to move around in. Book your spot